Glass Torn and War Shortage : The Purposeful Poisoning of a Shardless Society

Released December 01, 2011



MIKE IX WILLIAMS is no stranger to controversy, having spent his life dedicated to releasing boundary-destroying music in scores of socially-progressive bands. With his solo material, MIKE IX continues to unleash proclamations of obliteration through a dualistic harsh noise and spoken word attack, riding the fine line between evangelical emissions and total mental decay. Auris Apothecary is pleased to finally present the most dangerous and abstract physical manifestation of the intensity MIKE IX is known for with Glass Torn and War Shortage: The Purposeful Poisoning of a Shardless Society.

An anti-cassette which has been coated with the dust and shards of broken glass, Glass Torn and War Shortage is almost 17 minutes of pummeling harsh noise coupled with a vocal barrage of misanthropic observations and articulations, its devastating message only being matched by the paradoxically-intimidating beauty of the musical artifact. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


Clear rigid plastic cases with white foam insert. Booklet laser-printed on white cardstock and clear transparency paper with stapled spine. Label laser-printed on translucent labels, case wax-sealed with clear wax. Cassette coated in broken glass.


A1 - 09:30 - Side One
B1 - 07:17 - Side Two