Serene Summation of Years Past

Released June 01, 2014

  sold-out   DIGITAL


When we last released HOU, it was only our sixth release and we were still in our infancy. 5 years later, we are finally getting around to Serene Summation of Years Past, the sister album to his debut (AAX-006) - recorded around the same time, sharing artwork motifs, and eschewing the same warmth and blossoming electronic melodies. We've had a solid 5 years to listen to and digest Serene Summation of Years Past, and we're still every bit as excited and in love with the tracks as we were the first time hearing them. HOU's strength comes from his ability to write lush synthetic harmonies with a sense of timeless nostalgia, each track a memory of a distinct point in the past. We've purposefully reproduced Serene Summation of Years Past on TYPE I Ferric tape for extra saturation and warmth, and we are pleased to employ the most accessible form of packaging for an album that needs no frills to stand above.


Full color double-sided j-card inside clear hardshell case with white back. White pro-duplicated cassettes with brown imprinting. Serial number stamped in brown ink.


A1 - 04:31 - Summer Belle
A2 - 02:54 - Reel
A3 - 04:40 - Swords in a Row
A4 - 05:49 - Falling Lakes
A5 - 01:46 - A Tree's Foot in the Ground
A6 - 03:02 - The Gift of Night
B1 - 04:21 - Bombs
B2 - 05:15 - Bronze Age
B3 - 01:41 - Poly
B4 - 04:06 - Open Cell
B5 - 05:15 - Composure