Worship at the Throne of the Oscillator

Released October 31, 2013

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After a slew of releases which showcased his "low and slow" aesthetic in stark detail, DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI has been transforming into a composer of multiple extreme spectrums. Starting with the unrepentant wall of noise nothingness of Recycled HNW and honing the dynamics with his AGAKUS collaboration Brainwave Saturation, we are pleased to finally present DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI's crowning achievement of abstract abrasiveness: Worship at the Throne of the Oscillator. Serving as a conceptual opus in reverence to the mystical power of electronic circuitry, Worship... is a metaphorical epic which follows the process of becoming a believer in the oscillator occult, from the mind-destroying propaganda of "Breaching the Circuitry of Reason" to the dismal outdoor séance of "Ritualistic Invocations in a Monumental Stone Moor," and finishing with the purifying waves from "Subsonic Cleansing of the Static Masses." Utilizing multiple vintage organs, oscillators, field recordings, chanting, timpani, and more, DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI creates an ever-shifting astable environment of symphonic harsh noise narratives in his most composed release yet. Lastly, as a special touch to aid the listener in joining the group of believers, a 555 timer chip has been implanted into the case of each copy, waiting to be used in the creation of an oscillator built by the new owner's own hand.


Oversized clear cassette album with a 555 timer chip punched through the front as well as the metallic grey cardstock artwork printed in black laserjet toner. Black cassettes with silver printing loaded with Chrome+ tape stock. 8 page booklet with black cardstock cover and 4 transparent inside pages, both with black laserjet printing. Hand-numbered serial inside with blank ink. Whole package contained in sealed poly sleeve.


A1 - 03:30 - Breaching the Circuitry of Reason
A2 - 14:30 - Ritualistic Invocations in a Monumental Stone Moor
B1 - 19:00 - Subsonic Cleansing of the Static Masses