Released October 31, 2013

  sold-out   DIGITAL


Imagine for a moment, faithful reader, a random day in the not too distant future; you awake -> shower -> breakfast -> coffee -> commute -> work. The cycle leaves you restless and unosbsrevint. As you step outside [ ], you are blinded by the sun after being locked under FLOURESCENT BULBS. Your eyes adjust, and at the same moment, a slight rumbling occurs. It gRoWS aND GROWS UNTIL YOU SEE CRACKS FORMING IN FR/ /ont o/ /f y/ /ou. As the SCREAMS of fellow humans on the street get louder, you see a looming shadow make its way across the pavement| darker ||| darker |||||| darker ||||||||||| In a moment of hesitant fear, you peer into the sky and see large groups of floating...SHAPES? Massive panels of perfect geometry, each flashing in vivid colors of the most unnatural hues possible, a menacing flock of gargantuan objects occupying the skies. As they centered their formation over the massive swampland of society, the shaking of the earth stopped. For a brief second the only sound that could be heard was a slight rustling getting closer...and closer...and closer...and closer...and /////////////////// 

At the moment that passage above ends, the debut cassette from MORSUNDA begins. Formed from the collaborative miasma of PENDRA GON and DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI, Analogital is a bizarre audio dramatization of humanity's end at the hands of unknown geometric forces. The sounds contained are of an entirely synthetic nature, played in irrational patterns at equipment-damaging frequencies for periods of inhuman endurance, all while at unnecessarily loud volumes. Living up to the translation of their name, MORSUNDA is a deathwave of sound that is genuinely hard to sit through, with moments that densely blend harsh noise, glitch, digital decimation, IDM, and more into a (luckily) short but barely manageable listen. Analogital is one of, if not the loudest cassette we've ever released, pushing the Chrome+ tape stock to its 20Hz-20kHz maximum limits on both frequency ends. Listen loud!! 

Features insanely awesome artwork by Drew Etienne.


6" square of 1/8" thick acrylic with artwork laserprinted in color onto transparencies, adhered to the acrylic sheet with glue dots. Transparent 5-screw cassette loaded with Chrome+ tape stock, rubber stamped with white ink on both sides. Tape suspended onto acrylic with glue dots. Whole package contained in heat-sealed poly sleeve.


A1 - 03:44 - Cacophony of Vertical Horror
A2 - 03:09 - 77 Collassall Crumbling Spires
B1 - 07:14 - Malfu-nctch-ine Sirens