Some Assembly Required

Released October 31, 2013



While destructive provocation is usually the name of the game for UNHOLY TRIFORCE, as an entity their output often reflects a deeper reasoning, a greater "purpose" that aims to instill an abstract idea. Whether the lesson taught is a lesson learned or not, they nevertheless continue to create physical audio puzzles which challenge the listener into becoming a participant. Some Assembly Required is quite possibly UNHOLY TRIFORCE's most productive anti-cassette thus far: an oddly educational album that (as the name implies) requires the user to craft the intended cassette release from the ground up. As well as everything necessary to assemble a cassette, a clear hardshell case plus j-card artwork with corresponding cut & fold guides is included, completing the steps from nothing to something. Further enhancing the ridiculous nature of "meta" depth that UNHOLY TRIFORCE employs, the audio contained on the tape reels is an insanely harsh collage sourced entirely from the acoustic sound-waves emanated while taking apart & reassembling cassettes.


  • 8" squares of clear, 1/8" thick acrylic
  • brown/grey/black artwork printed onto thick silk-coated cardstock adhered to the back
  • Disassembled cassette pieces attached to acrylic sheet with glue dots & miniature ziploc bags
  • Serial number written in black ink
  • Whole package sealed in poly sleeve


A1 - 05:00 - Disassembly
B1 - 05:00 - Assembly