Destruction at 2013

Released May 29, 2012

  sold-out   DIGITAL


Auris is pleased to present the reissue of the debut of LORD FYRE on Church of Sun Ra recordings from over half a decade ago. With a resume of bands that includes Apache Dropout, John Wilkes Booze and Thee Open Sex, LORD FYRE knows his way around nearly any instrument, as evidenced on Destruction at 2013. Seven tracks of hazy, blissed-out mellotunes and otherworldly sounds punctuated by primitive percussion were captured to 1/4" 8-track tape by LORD FYRE and an ensemble of noteworthy Magnetic South accomplices, bringing both experience and aesthetic to the psychedelic mix. Truly an awesome portrait of LORD FYRE at his most avant-garde, Destruction at 2013 promises annihilation under just the right circumstances.


White jackets with 2-color silkscreen printing in black and red ink. Photocopied info sheet adhered to back of jacket, Auris ram stamped in silver ink. Photo strip and insert glued to white paper sleeve. Labels hand-stamped in silver ink for A and B sides. Serial number in silver ink. Black wax with minute traces of white specks or grey wax with splatter of multiple colors. Includes download code.


A1 - 07:38 - Drinking Away Demons
A2 - 02:17 - 109th & Amsterdam
A3 - 05:15 - Torment
B1 - 03:34 - Vintage Violins
B2 - 02:55 - The Night Before
B3 - 02:57 - Time is Now
B4 - 04:49 - Destruction at 2013