Obsolete Medicine

Released April 13, 2012



Over 50 releases ago, we helped introduce the debut of HUMANS with one of the shortest albums we've ever worked on, the 8-minute Are Dead cassette. Since then they've evolved & matured, added a member, lost a member, recorded & released 2 more EP's and toured America in a van. With Obsolete Medicine, HUMANS have outdone their previous record, with 3 songs clocking in at exactly one and a half minutes, each song being written by one of the individual members then bit-crushed down to add a lo-fidelity digital degradation. This assortment of composers & purposeful reduction of quality leads to a uniquely-varied display of HUMANS' signature weirdo punk sound filtered straight from the brains of each piece of the puzzle. Ultra minimal in design & length, Obsolete Medicines is an amped-up postcard of HUMANS in their rawest prime.


Black laser-jet printing on white cardstock sleeves with eyes cut out, sealed inside clear bag by a white circle sticker with black laser-jet printing. 9 colors of floppy disks rubber stamped in black ink, containing MP3's + PNG files of artwork. Digital download code & serial  hand-numbered in black ink.


01 - 00:33 - Services
02 - 00:36 - Aunt Tracy
03 - 00:21 - Choke