Unwanted Sounds

Released April 13, 2012

  sold-out   DIGITAL


An audio juggernaut that has been relentlessly unrelenting for 15 years straight, RACEBANNON have become purveyors of all that is heavy, sharing members with fellow doomriders TORTURESS & MEDUSA. Currently spreading destruction across the nation on a month-long tour (April 2012), in this lost take of two-side long pieces from 2003, RACEBANNON drop their vowels and trade in their instruments for found sounds, pulsing drum beats and layer upon layer of saturated, abrasive, unwanted sounds to become RCBNNN. Unrepentant in its message and purpose, Unwanted Sounds comes with an old-school photocopied Time Life Science article on noise from 1965, as well as a diagram and instructions for earplugs specially-designed to facilitate in the effective destruction of society's "unwanted sounds."


Cardboard boxes with 2-color silkscreen printing in night-glo blue, fluorescent yellow or metallic green & black, with black & white diagram artwork & instructions on label inside cover. Transparent prison-shell tapes with translucent green rubber stamped RCB on side one and NNN on side two. Two-sided photocopied accordion-fold insert on blue paper, specially-designed yellow foam earplugs pierced with black panel nails. Serial hand-numbered in black on side.


A1 - 13:31 - Untitled
B1 - 13:46 - Untitled