Volume 1 : Welcome to the Psycho-billy Adventure Club

Released March 31, 2012



After two cassette EP's, a 7" and years of touring across the nation, TH' EMPIRES present their debut full-length album with Volume I : Welcome to the Psycho-billy Club. 11 tracks of loud and raucous rockabilly recorded live in the studio to tape using vintage gear all along the way. TH' EMPIRES are fronted by rock and roll icon EDDY PRICE, who we've proudly released in the past with his solo gospel tunes, and he's joined by pummeling percussion from Zachary Walter (of Humans, Buttonhoof and Hail Architeuthis!) and out of control upright bass. Lo-fi with high-energy, Volume I contains everything you need to join the club, including a member card good for free admission to any show of TH' EMPIRES, as well as a button, sticker, patch, scroll, lyric sheet and digital download code. You can put it all to use when TH' EMPIRES embark on a their next tour and come to your town.


Manila envelope with black laser-jet printing on front and back, sealed with black wax. Lyrics & info photocopied on white paper, scroll with signature printed on parchment paper and tied with black string. Black canvas patch with gold silkscreen ink, 1" button with black printing on manila paper, white/black/lavender sticker. Black cassettes with gold hand-stamped printing on front and back. 4-color offset printed member cards with rounded corners printed on glossy 14pt cardstock. Digital download code on white paper. Serial number hand-written in black ink.


A1 - 01:55 - The Losers
A2 - 02:00 - Lorainne
A3 - 01:37 - I'm Crazy
A4 - 01:15 - Life of Crime
A5 - 02:08 - Slow it Down
A6 - 02:23 - Down On My Luck
B1 - 01:48 - Filthy and Nasty
B2 - 02:05 - I Want Your Gold
B3 - 03:52 - King of the Couch
B4 - 02:56 - Guitar, Bottle of Wine
B5 - 01:23 - Mean Mug