Existential Oblivion

Released March 03, 2012

  sold-out   DIGITAL


Death/black/crust-metal behemoth KATA SARKA has been destroying the righteous throughout the Midwest for the past few years, releasing 2 demo EP's along the way. Auris is pleased to present the proper debut from KATA SARKA with Existential Oblivion, 8 tracks of filthy, unrelenting assaults that evoke forth the bleakest of misanthropic visions. Recorded in high-fidelity then pro-duplicated onto chrome tape, the analog format breathes new life into the crushing sounds, adding just the right amount of saturation to keep the songs riding the edge of intensity. Extreme in all the right ways, Existential Oblivion is a monumental debut from a band that will prove impossible to slow down in the coming future.


Clear pillow cases with enamel-based silver silkscreen ink on front and back, containing 12 page, staple-bound b/w booklet with black cardstock outside and laser-printing on white cardstock inside. Pro-dubbed and imprinted transparent prison shell cassettes with silver ink on both sides. Serial hand-stamped in silver ink.


A1/B1 - 02:15 - Returning Over the Chasm
A2/B2 - 04:30 - Wearing the Rings of Saturn as a Halo
A3/B3 - 04:27 - Lukewarm Depravity
A4/B4 - 03:40 - Atrophy
A5/B5 - 01:14 - Segue 1
A6/B6 - 03:03 - Riding a Wind Ov Knives into the Eye of a Shitstorm
A7/B7 - 01:18 - Segue 2
A8/B8 - 02:09 - Bastard