No Organ

Released February 29, 2012

  sold-out   DIGITAL


THE CONSTANTS have been blowing up the basements of Indiana for almost 5 years now, banging out their lo-fi rock and roll to all who will listen. Auris is pleased to present their debut cassingle No Organ, 3 songs of overblown, tape-saturated vintage rock and roll that effortlessly spans both genres and generations of rock music. Taking elements like doo-wop, surf rock and bubblegum pop, THE CONSTANTS create a raucous blend of fuzzy jams that hark to the golden years of the recording industry. Purposefully mastered in a lo-fidelity manner then pushed into the red, No Organ is over as quick as it started but the melodies never die.


High-resolution 4-color offset printed inserts on 14pt glossy cardstock. Clear hardshell cases with transparent prison-shell cassettes with rubber-stamped title & bottle in white ink.


A1 - 02:41 - Reigning Sorrow
A2 - 03:22 - Unchained Hearts
B1 - 04:25 - Darkness of the Night