The Mephist

Released October 31, 2012



Few artists can claim to be classically trained in one of the top music schools in the United States, be a main contributing member to a multi-media classical grindcore ensemble, tour on the road for more days than they're home, play on the streets of the largest social protest in recent US history, and actively self-promote and publish their own recordings...all while performing vocals, violin, foot percussion, shakers and more simultaneously for marathon endurance sessions otherwise known to most musicians as simply concerts. JOEY MOLINARO can claim all of the above and more. The Mephist, a 6-track, 6 minute anthology of civil unrest finds JOEY MOLINARO amplifying his violin into dissonant upper-frequencies while delivering malevolently-poignant vocals underneath the frantic chugging of his metal aesthetic. A skateboard with a contact mic for sub-harmonic foot percussion, military-esque trumpet blares and circuit bent toy cop car add to the audio collage while a 20-page black and white zine provides art, lyrics and sheet music to follow along with the timeless message of overcoming when oppression knocks on your door.


20 page black and white photocopied & stapled zine with transparent cover with red inkjet printing inside ziploc. Red-tinted sonic weld cassette with black laserjet printing on white paper labels. Serial hand-numbered in black ink.


A1/B1 - 00:23 - Throwing Bricks & Study Nonviolence I
A2/B2 - 00:56 - Glossolalia
A3/B3 - 00:20 - Throwing Bricks & Study Nonviolence II
A4/B4 - 01:23 - Young Ghosts
A5/B5 - 01:49 - Pangram in Calligraphy
A6/B6 - 00:59 - Thieves