Crucible of Misanthropy

Released October 31, 2012

  • format: 5" CDr | -
  • edition size: 240
  • duration: 00:13:09
  • accessibility:
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When we last released Indianapolis, Indiana-based KATA SARKA in January this year, they ambitiously had already begun crafting their next anthology of aggressive crust metal to unleash into the public sphere. Crucible of Misanthropy is arguably an extremely polished product for being merely a demo, but the visceral nature of the recording production coupled with KATA SARKA's newer stripped-down, raw approach has created a powerful set of songs worthy of being called an album. With misanthropic lyrics to match the title and a relentless barrage of high-fidelity sonic assaults, Crucible of Misanthropy finds KATA SARKA hitting their stride by decrying useless intricacies and focusing their razor-sharp waveforms into blunt force.


Earth-tone ceramic tile stamped on face with artist logo in black ink and cardstock fold-open sleeve attached to back of tile, containing black laserjet printed lyrics and disc attached to clear hub in center. Disc art stamped in tan ink from hand-carved & designed stamp. Cardstock sealed in copper wax, with whole package contained in clear sleeve.


Track 01 - 04:41 - Mired in Spleen
Track 02 - 03:31 - Crucible of Misanthropy
Track 03 - 02:48 - Ghosts of Smoke
Track 04 - 02:08 - Perpetual Stupidity Machine