Sister Cities

Released June 01, 2014

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The appropriately-titled sister album to his original debut cassette Unsung Eulogies, Sister Cities presents DESERTER's solo guitar compositions evolving into a more contemplative sound, with lush chorus over melancholy notes and emotive leads of blues-tinged riffing. Building on the experimental nature of his musical journey, the sounds range from beautiful melodic passages to intense dissonance and throbbing tube amp tremolo, all cohesively tied together by a subconscious linearity to the tracklisting. Sister Cities is purposefully minimal and deeply personal, revealing an intimate portrait from one of Auris's Apothecary's closest accomplices.

From the packaging: "All sounds on this tape are a 1970's Electra Les Paul copy being played through a 1966 100 watt silverface Fender Twin Reverb in an empty room at the Dodds Street house, recorded live in single takes during a thunderstorm on August 16th, 2012 CE."


White pro-duplicated cassettes with silver imprinting inside hardshell clear/black cases with a blue cardstock die-cut overwrap sealed by silver wax. Multi-panel insert laser-printed in black ink on silver/white cardstock, with download card printed on same paper stock.


A1 - 02:11 - Sea of Sleep
A2 - 02:57 - Diomira
A3 - 03:44 - The Canal
A4 - 02:44 - Awakening
B1 - 02:07 - Moon Pool
B2 - 05:16 - The Final Aim
B3 - 03:45 - Valediction