Repent + Ondan

Released October 31, 2013

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Shortly into the life of Auris Apothecary, we received a package in our PO Box from a local address. Inside were multiple CDr's, each with beautiful watercolor artwork on vellum paper, and we were intrigued immediately. The music contained was very much inline with our intended vision, but upon searching for more information on Inam Records (the noted label), we were left with little to no more information than we had started with. Fast forwarding a few years, we followed closely the works of Ryan Huber, who we learned was the man behind OLEKRANON, SUJO, INAM RECORDS, and many more projects worthy of your listening time. After the release of Repent and Ondan on insanely limited CDr releases and our subsequent repeated listens, we felt the time had come to finally do our part in manifesting SUJO on an appropriate analog form in a number large enough to spread his vision.

Featuring both Repent and Ondan on a single, hi-fidelity pro-duplicated Chrome+ tape, this release exhibits 2 of SUJO's most realized & dynamically linked albums together for the first time. With almost 74 minutes worth of music, SUJO's trademark dense compositions are on full display for two side-long excursions through dark ambient soundscapes, harsh industrial rhythms, and passages of epic shoegaze-esque metal.

Artwork stills by Eric Waterkotte, remixed by Dante Augustus Scarlatti.


Oversized clear cassette albums with high-resolution artwork printed on transparency paper, wrapped by a double-sided silk cardstock obi with black & white laser printing. Transparent 5-screw cassettes with olive green imprinting, pro-dubbed onto Chrome+ tape stock. Whole package heat-sealed in poly sleeve.


A1 - 04:18 - Refuge
A2 - 06:07 - Scoundrels
A3 - 05:05 - Repose
A4 - 06:53 - Nillin
A5 - 04:28 - Repent
A6 - 05:36 - Irgun
A7 - 04:22 - Asher
B1 - 06:04 - Ondan
B2 - 02:18 - Lost Numbers
B3 - 06:59 - Gaol
B4 - 05:29 - Mrk 421
B5 - 07:43 - Peste
B6 - 08:31 - Oxide