Sitz Death

Released April 20, 2015

  sold-out   DIGITAL


We first met Nate Tandy of Diaphragmatic in January of 2011, when a touring musician dropped off the bill of Black Mass XV just days before, and our friend Pusdrainer (also performing) recommended the Indiana-based Diaphragmatic, a name unknown to us. Without a single preconceived notion, we witnessed him obliterate a metal hotel pan with a high-powered drill, creating a cacophonous wall of physically-visceral noise. A fan was born.

Over the past few years we have closely watched Diaphragmatic, and after many attempts to book him at Black Masses and find an open window to release his works, we are overjoyed to finally get the chance to collaborate. "Sitz Death" was recorded in February 2015 and features his newest output to date, a densely-woven tapestry of grinding junk-noise and rhythmic reserve. "Sheepish Grin" lulls the listener with a trance-like loop, digging deeper and deeper into an abrasive mix before slowly wearing itself back down again. "Cruel Jape" takes the opposite approach, instead opting to enlist overwhelming audible waves of pure saturation.

Notice: This physical release was created entirely without the use of computers.


- Cardboard tab-lock box with b/w art
- 5" tape reels with black spray-paint splatter
- Recycled ¼" tape stock
- 8-page b/w photocopy zine


A1 - 10:00 - Sheepish Grin
B1 - 10:00 - Cruel Jape