Spring of 1938 EP

Released July 08, 2015



On a warm July afternoon in the year 2006, 6 friends went to the basement of a house on Monon Drive in Bloomington, Indiana and in single takes, with a single microphone, recorded 3 tracks live to a cheap digital mixer. The Spring of 1938 EP is those 3 tracks, remastered and released for the first time ever after nearly a decade spent sitting on a hard drive, unheard by anyone save for a single track added to our very first sampler AAX-S01 way back in 2009.

SCALLIWAGS was a 6-piece ensemble arranged and curated by Ross Faulkenberg, lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer of the Spring of 1938 EP, and the group featured members from other Bloomington bands ALEXANDER THE GREAT and HAIL ARCHITEUTHIS!, as well as solo musicians from numerous realms of the local scene. The arrangements are a lo-fi blend of old-timey ballads, folksy Americana, and intimate memoirs told through an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, bass, stripped down drums, and male/female vocals, forming a timeless musical snapshot with a wholly antique aesthetic.


- Handmade sewn canvas pouches with full color artwork
- Light blue cassettes with title stamped in black ink
- Insert printed on cream cardstock
- Sealed with 1" button with wax seal art


A1/B1 - 03:50 - When You Go
A2/B2 - 03:15 - Solimar
A3/B3 - 03:40 - Drugs that Numb

(material repeats itself on both sides)