Greyscale Hawaii

Released July 08, 2015

  sold-out   DIGITAL


Almost 10 years ago, our friend JOHNNY UEKEM decided while on a holiday break that he wanted to record a ukelele album using minimal equipment but maximum charm. The result, dubbed Greyscale Hawaii, is 11 short tracks of intimate lo-fidelity island ballads discussing love, life, longing, and lounging in the glory of the 50th state. Greyscale Hawaii is admittedly peppered with missed notes, cracking voice, and questionable recording quality, but we at Auris Apothecary have listened to this material over a hundred times, and feel each mistake that exists simply adds to the experience.

There's an undeniable innocence and spontaneity to Greyscale Hawaii, and while this is the only recording that JOHNNY UEKEM ever made in this vein, it's hard to feel anything was left unsaid. This collection presents the beautifully cohesive narrative of Greyscale Hawaii as a physical edition for the first time ever, featuring artwork from vintage postcards and a brand new master designed specially for Ferric cassette.


- 3-panel J-card with b/w and full color artwork
- Transparent cassette with aqua blue printing on clear labels
- Clear hardshell case


A1 - 00:25 - Greyscale Hawaii (Part 1)
A2 - 01:23 - Why Did You Follow Me Home?
A3 - 02:21 - Happy
A4 - 00:34 - Can You Hear It?
A5 - 01:45 - Rescue Me
A6 - 02:21 - Close to Me
B1 - 02:00 - Racecar
B2 - 02:46 - I'll Try
B3 - 01:23 - Once I Make Up My Mind
B4 - 00:56 - Lullaby
B5 - 00:35 - Greyscale Hawaii (Part 2)