Variations on a Theme of Keyboards

Released July 08, 2015

  sold-out   DIGITAL


4 tracks of synthesized keyboard strangeness from experimental composer DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI, ranging from dense & abrasive loops to subdued 8-bit rumblings. Recorded in 2010 as experiments in utilizing a single keyboard but infinite effects, each track focuses on different meditations of tonal variety through the use of vintage/children's keyboards and their limited sound palettes. Side A employed a tiny, 2-octave children's keyboard labeled only as a Gran Prix, while Side B was crafted with a vintage Sound City Key Bass, capable only of subsonic non-sustained, bell-like tones. The resulting movements are an amalgamation of sonic timbres and frequency spectrums, flowing from minimalist passages of quiet reserve to drones of maximum amplitude. This collection is an early snapshot of DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI's  super-sonic compositions to come.


- Black / clear anti-static bag with artwork printed on clear labels
- Transparent cassette shell with black hand-stamped title and neon green inked spine


A1 - 05:16 - Feedback Patterns
A2 - 07:49 - Drone Layers
B1 - 03:27 - Dimensional Rhythms
B2 - 10:01 - Synthesized Sirens