Released September 30, 2015

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Hailing from the continent down under, ALDER GLADE is a solo black metal act from Australia whose work could equally be described as emerging from the metaphorical "down under," a dark and desolate forest which reeks of evil and isolation. Over the course of his 2 debut demos,  ALDER GLADE creates passages of grinding black metal, eerie symphonies, and an organic sense of acoustic folk melodies. Exordium collects these first 2 demos and delivers them on a single hi-fi Chrome+ cassette inside a deluxe metal tin plus art/lyric booklet.

In a genre that often lacks discernible characteristics, ALDER GLADE manages to remain entirely memorable through dynamic movements of bleak unrest and overt triumph, delivered in a strange yet appropriate fidelity which merely adds to the unique sound that is ALDER GLADE.


– Square metal tins with full color artwork printed on transparent labels
– Pro-dubbed Chrome+ tape stock in black shells with silver imprinting
– 12 page b/w booklet printed on grey cardstock
– Mini cork-top vial with alder wood ash
– Mini alder pine cone branch


A1 - 06:04 - Imprisoned in the Stars
A2 - 05:33 - Across the Aether
A3 - 10:45 - The Felling of Yggdrasil
B1 - 06:15 - An Oath Sworn into the Night
B2 - 04:42 - Obsidian Death
B3 - 03:20 - Time Without End
B4 - 06:36 - Echoes in the Mind