Peace & Quiet

Released April 28, 2016

  • format: VHS T60 |
  • edition size: 80
  • duration: 00:47:47
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John Flannelly is an artist we have a deep history with. We released his very first album, Spaced, in 2011, and after an uncountable amount of concerts, a multitude of releases, and a reputation for the absurd, John's solo exporations have arrived at their final chapter with Peace and Quiet. Although not the end of his musical career by any means, Peace and Quiet represents the last album under the name John Flannelly, and we're sending him off with a bang.

Peace and Quiet features 10 tracks of pulsating, constantly moving drones formed entirely from 3 delay pedals and a mixer - no instruments, tones, or sounds were used other than those being spontaneously crafted in an endless feedback loop. In proper John Flannelly fashion, the songs are erratic, spastic approximations of music theory from an alien world, diving deep in the subsonic frequency range with planet-shaking lows and high into ear-piercing treble blasts. It's music for people who have given up on music, opting instead for dissonant waves of purely electronic compositions.

Over the course of nearly 50 minutes, John traverses a plethora of rhythmic soundscapes in all speeds and spectrums. However, Peace and Quiet doesn't end with your ears - they are merely the beginning! Released on stereo VHS tape for the highest of fidelity in analog reproduction, Peace and Quiet also features visual accompaniment in the form of sensory-overloaded videos from 8 Indiana artists of varying creative pursuits. Each artist chose a track to create a video for, and the results are both hallucinatory and and wide-reaching in their content, adding yet another layer of colorful abstraction to an already excellent album by an eccentric individual.

Videos by: John Flannelly, Brain Twins, CZERN, Jeremy E. Tubbs, Kurt Lee Nettleton, Aaron Nemec, Dante Augustus Scarlatti, and Esteban Garcia

This release is a joint collaboration between Castle Bravo and Auris Apothecary.


- Full-color paper VHS case
- Black VHS tapes


01 – 04:30 – Opening
02 – 05:43 – Something Clicks
03 – 05:58 –Trip the Light Fantastic
04 – 07:42 – Go Back to the Woods
05 – 03:00 – Glistening
06 – 05:59 – Deeply Comfortable
07 – 02:18 – Probe 1: Blue
08 – 02:59 – Probe 2: Yellow
09 – 02:21 – Probe 3: Green
10 – 07:13 – Prepared