Siberiliszt Inferno

Released November 01, 2015



As an homage to the annual bonfires of Samhain, sacrilegious provocateurs UNHOLY TRIFORCE have created their own ritual manifested in the form of a blackened anti-cassette. Siberiliszt Inferno features the overblown, tape-saturated sounds of a gateway to hell, consisting of bleak orchestral melodies, subterranean trumpets, and screams of the damned. Although extremely brief at only 3 minutes runtime, UNHOLY TRIFORCE seem convinced that it's not enough to simply create terrifying music...

Each cassette has been ceremoniously ensconced in flames, eating through the weak exterior plastic shell and digging deep to the heart of the magnetic medium. Covered in soot and reeking of burned synthetic chemicals, every copy of Siberiliszt Inferno has transformed into a distorted, misshapen vestige of its former self, guaranteeing a variance in degradation of each unique unit.


- Melted transparent cassette
- Transparent plastic box
- Black ink on clear stickers
- Sealed in poly sleeve


A1/B1 – 03:00 – Siberiliszt Inferno