Stabat Mater

Released October 27, 2017

  sold-out   DIGITAL


Stabat Mater is a 20 movement cycle of audio/visual ecstatic visions from experimental sacred audio/visual duo ARIADNE. The cycle is being released as a purely musical work on cassette tape and as an interactive audio/visual web based experience. Stabat Mater is heavily inspired by the visions of female Christian mystics Hildegard von Bingen and Teresa of Ávila. The lyrics for Stabat Mater include adaptations of writings from these mystics fused together with text taken from surrealist poet Aase Berg’s With Deer and Dark Matter (both translated by Johannes Göransson and published by Black Ocean).


The audio/visual version of the album is implemented as a web based 3D interactive experience, wherein each of the 20 visions are depicted as an integrated audio/visual experience. The visuals are generative and use real-time audio analysis, physics simulation and user input to determine the animation so that each experience is unique.


In contrast to the interactive digital sanctuary, the cassette version serves as a physical relic for these visions and represents another path to experiencing the audio material. The dualistic nature of ARIADNE is fully realized by the balancing of digital creation with analog reproduction, professionally duplicated onto hi-fi Chrome+ tape stock. The format was also chosen for its encouragement of uninterrupted listening sessions, with movements transitioning seamlessly into one another and purposefully shedding the burden of listener interaction. The physical version is being released in “light” and “dark” editions with inverted cover art, case and cassette colors for each, with both featuring multi-panel artwork and full lyrical transcripts.


ARIADNE is an experimental sacred music and new media art duo whose work explores the intersection of mysticism, dream analysis and the failure of digital systems through a synthesis of music performance, digital and interactive art, poetry and dramatic experience. Much of ARIADNE’s output consists of interactive audio/visual performances which employ custom built hardware and software, real-time 3D animation, and machine learning to create immersive and captivating experiences. ARIADNE’s body of work includes feature-length audio/visual albums, web-based virtual reality, and a/v installations.


  • Black or white pro-duplicated Chrome+ cassette
  • Black or white shell imprinting
  • Black/clear or White/clear hardshell cases
  • 12-panel J-cards with 2x art variations
  • 100 Light Editions / 100 Dark Editions


A01 – 02:58 – wounds renew
A02 – 03:56 – mother weeping
A03 – 03:33 – nourishment
A04 – 00:50 – she beneath
A05 – 01:09 – burning sphere
A06 – 02:13 – fragile veils
A07 – 02:01 – black vein
A08 – 05:03 – on your knees
A09 – 01:23 – shell
A10 – 04:36 – fount of love
B01 – 00:55 – pierce me through
B02 – 02:17 – nailed to my body
B03 – 00:52 – veil of water
B04 – 02:41 – scab
B05 – 02:19 – grief divine
B06 – 04:37 – fetus lily
B07 – 01:37 – cast down the flesh of your body
B08 – 02:27 – feeble heart
B09 – 01:39 – half-open mouth
B10 – 02:35 – streams of mercy