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Aseptic Conditioning

Released December 07, 2017



From broken speakers to buckets of water, computer heat-sinks, dried tree branches, and more - LATHER has made music with pretty much anything he could get his hands on. LATHER's approach to audio focuses on processes as opposed to instrumentation, embracing sonic experimentation through foreign objects and a collaboration with chaos instead of composition. With a continuing penchant for the abrasive and absurd, LATHER's ethos is a perfect representation of creative destruction, and we're proud to present his third and final anti-cassette of this year: Aseptic Conditioning.

Aseptic Conditioning is two short tracks created through a series of amplified oscillations running into vibrating transducers, forming a consistent rhythmic pulse which LATHER applied to aluminum foil. Manifested entirely without the use of instruments, the resulting tracks are insanely dense given their minimalism, while also being utterly devoid of anything resembling pleasing tones. Harsh waves rise and fall, shrill tones come piercing forward then fade into hiss, and the tension permeates at an all time high on tracks that remain surprisingly subdued.

Matching the concept, each cassette has been tediously wrapped in 50 square feet of aluminum foil, compressed into a multi-layer brick and aided in bondage by spray adhesive. Unwrapping it is an annoying but not impossible task which forces the listener to hear the scathing sounds of foil on foil as a form of audio foreplay before diving into the dissonant sounds of Aseptic Conditioning.


  • Transparent cassette encased in 50 sq. ft of aluminum foil
  • Transparent plastic boxes with black screen-printed art
  • Serial number stamped in black ink


A1 – 03:00 – Aseptic Conditioning
B1 – 03:00 – Metallic Fringe