Mu Blaksids Ittal Racs	 Photo

Mu Blaksids Ittal Racs

Released December 12, 2023


Like a lost soundtrack to a Nintendo game that never existed, Mu Blaksids Ittal Racs is a collection of 8-bit compositions which have been transformed into full-frequency anthems of epic inspiration, disorienting dissonance, sorrowful loss, and hopeful perseverance. Buzzing square waves and bell-like triangle tones dance above the abstract, arhythmic percussion at oftentimes blistering paces, forming a constant stream of harmonies which revel in melody and discord alike. Written entirely within the program Famitracker using the same limited sound palette & channels as the original Nintendo Entertainment System, DAS delivers a suite of distinct compositions which are as unique as they are short.

Features packaging that mimics the album which inspired this one - Mu Blaksids Nogard Nep by Pendra Gon.

Each disk features 3 files – an OGG audio file, an NSF file of the unproduced/raw composition, and a PNG of the track artwork (designed by Drew Etienne).


  • Black floppy disks with glossy labels
  • Black chipboard box with front/back label art
  • Wraparound obi on white matte paper
  • Serial number stamped in black ink
  • Sealed in resealable poly sleeve


01 - 01:24 - 01.1.0124
02 - 01:32 - 02.7.0132
03 - 01:27 - 03.2.0127
04 - 01:44 - 04.4.0144
05 - 00:59 - 05.3.0059
06 - 01:13 - 06.9.0113
07 - 01:51 - 07.8.0151