Norton 80/100

Released October 31, 2023

  • format: 7" anti-record |
  • edition size: 25
  • duration: 00:00:00
  • accessibility:

UNHOLY TRIFORCE, triumvirate of doom-mongers whose mission is to spread confusion, continue their quest with "Norton 80/100," a double-sided 7” anti-record made of black industrial sanding discs. Though lacking in recorded audio content, the resultant sounds which emanate during playback bare a stunning resemblance to those of UNHOLY TRIFORCE in its punishing intensity, and the destructive nature of the object’s surface is a perfect analog for the creative destruction which has been at the forefront of their catalog since the beginning.

We have no further context to add which will make this any more logical or philosophically deep. It's destruction for destruction's sake.

NOTICE: We recommend using your best, most expensive turntable cartridge on this to REALLY get the full, high-fidelity experience intended.


  • Double-sided 7" anti-record made of sanding discs
  • Double-sided black insert with black printing
  • Housed inside clear picture disc sleeve with flap


A1 - ??:?? - 80 grit
B1 - ??:?? - 100 grit