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Botched Sacrifice

Released September 29, 2023



After a handful of demo tapes and self-released recordings, Indiana-based THLURM at last unleash their debut full-length onto the unprepared masses with “Botched Sacrifice,” a 12-track exercise in extremity that sounds like it was birthed from a horde of pissed-off, drunken demons. “Botched Sacrifice” is a vicious and intensely unhinged collection of panic-inducing tracks that feel like being stabbed over and over again in the ear canals until you give in to the sadistic pleasure of deafening noise. Too heavy to be punk, too spastic to be metal, too groovy to be grindcore, THLURM are a bastard abomination of all things blackened, thrown into a blender and turned on high without a lid.

From the caustic and calamitous opener “10 Witches” to the upliftingly-titled “Kill Yr Kids” and beyond, THLURM waste absolutely no time on pleasantries, with most tracks hovering below the 2 minute mark save for the churning, apocalyptic doom anthem “Fist Fighting God” which closes the album with a 5 and a half minute runtime.

It's rare for a band to so perfectly harness their unbridled intensity on a recording, but “Botched Sacrifice” is the ultimate embodiment of THLURM, capturing every atrocious detail in high-fidelity as they mutate and evolve into countless horrific forms of weirdness. This is the wildest shit you’re gonna hear in awhile. We guarantee it.

Features artwork by Legfarmer. Mastered by James Plotkin. Lacquers cut by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Records pressed at New Orleans Record Press.


  • Black and white jackets
  • Black and white insert
  • Resealable poly sleeve
  • "Blood & Guts" transparent marbled red variant (Limited to 200)
  • "Toxic Green" transparent marbled variant (Limited to 100) - features exclusive glow in the dark jacket art


A1 – 02:15 – 10 Witches
A2 – 01:38 – Family Feast
A3 – 02:05 – Slaughter Blotter
A4 – 01:05 – Murder in the Streets
A5 – 00:41 – Kill Yr Kids
A6 – 01:51 – Smiling in Suits / Nuclear Raid
B1 – 01:59 – Pseudo Reality
B2 – 02:16 – Sewage Grave
B3 – 01:31 – Trapped Like A Dog
B4 – 01:52 – Whorelord
B5 – 01:41 – Serpent Master
B6 – 05:29 – Fist Fighting God