Postmodern Witchcraft

Released June 21, 2018



Throughout their recorded output, Minnesota's BOOK OF SAND has been no stranger to interjecting outsider elements into their black metal sound. From down-trodden folk to gamelan and avant-jazz, the pillars of metal traditions continue to crumble beneath BOOK OF SAND's masterful execution of auditory combinations. "Postmodern Witchcraft" presents a new exploration into the fringes of occult aesthetics via 6 tracks of what can only be described as "garage goth."

From the very first moment the drums explode into rhythm, it becomes immediately evident that this is not a traditional BOOK OF SAND release. Deep, reserved vocals that channel post punk minimalism deliver scathing prose over bombastic percussion playing a surf rock beat, while clean guitars jangle and dense synthesizers fill the mix with buzzing girth. It's an odd and unsettling combination that evokes gothic melancholy but fuses it with a plethora of vintage pop sounds. With nary a hesitation between tracks to catch a breath, "Postmodern Witchcraft" ebbs, flows, and evolves to form a dramatic collection of sonic anarchism that refuses to be categorized.


  • one-sided 12" vinyl
  • 180 gram black wax
  • no center labels
  • B/W pro-printed jacket
  • B/W double-sided insert


A1 – 02:17 – In Fever
A2 – 02:10 – Berries on the Yew
A3 – 02:15 – Termites in the Trunk
A4 – 04:42 – Black and Red, White Wings
A5 – 03:33 – The Gates of Heaven
A6 – 04:13 – Blood and Soil