Dimensional Synthesis

Released July 13, 2018

  sold-out   DIGITAL


As a composer of all things experimental, the only consistency in Dante Augustus Scarlatti’s output is the inconsistency of styles. From symphonic harsh noise and droning dark ambient to works for organ and political cyber-grind, the boundaries of genre seem to hold little significance in his compositional process. Whether it’s a genuine desire to evolve or simply a decreasing attention span, the results are infinitely intriguing in their unpredictability.

“Dimensional Synthesis” presents Dante Augustus Scarlatti’s introductory forays into vintage synthesizer sounds and repetitious sequenced rhythms doused in reverb. From glacially-paced atmospheres of droning single notes to dense patterns of hypnotizing melodies, the tracks embody minimalism while offering maximal depth upon close listens. “Dimensional Synthesis” spans only 4 “dimensions” yet clocks in at almost 45 minutes of runtime, featuring extended compositions that drift through space like a miasma of interstellar vapors in slow motion.

The packaging features multiple panels of full-color dimensional art in addition to the audio waveforms for each track.

Notice: We would never normally recommend this, but we highly suggest using Dolby Noise Reduction during playback.


  • 4" x 4" black plastic LTO tape box
  • Full-color front, back & inside artwork
  • Full-color 4" x 12" 8-panel insert
  • Black-shelled Chrome cassette with wraparound labels


A1 – 07:36 – Dimension 812
A2 – 13:29 – Dimension 496
B1 – 15:37 – Dimension 902
B2 – 06:48 – Dimension 817