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Dirges of Hibernation

Released July 24, 2023

  • format: 5" CDr |
  • edition size: 50
  • duration: 00:36:57
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“Dirges of Hibernation” is a suite of glacially-paced doom lacking distortion, drums, or vocals; where layered repetition and bleak melancholy reign supreme. Subsonic electric guitar coated in delay and reverb envelops the barren landscape in dense fog and bitter cold, swallowing all who wallow in its unrepentant atmosphere. As storms of silence brim beneath the surface of the droning ambience and isolation gives way to paranoia, the compositions never give in to the hopeful beacons of light. They merely accept their fate.

Originally started as a sister recording to DAS’s 110-minute epic “Hemispheres of Desolation” from 2011, and with multiple sessions spanning 2008-2012 (and reworkings from 2022-2023), “Dirges of Hibernation” uncovers lost explorations into the low & slow approach of DAS’s earliest compositions. Knowing very few formats would be able to reproduce the hopelessly low-fidelity murkiness and extreme shifts from minimal to overblown, “Dirges of Hibernation” is being released on CD for the highest fidelity reproduction of the source material.


  • 5" CDr with Full Color Printing
  • Black DVD case
  • Single-sided inner insert
  • Shrinkwrapped


01 – 05:45 – Reversing Frequal Spectrums
02 – 05:29 – Delaying the Inevitable
03 – 07:43 – Closed Casket Relationships
04 – 17:59 – Doomed Permafrost (Northern)