Year of the Phoenix

Released July 24, 2023



Year of the Phoenix is an anthology of triumvirates representing three life chapters of an unnamed protagonist, delivered in compositions spanning three movements each. Utilizing tape loops, a magnetic card reader, keyboards, effect pedals, and voice, DAS crafts minimal yet dynamic tracks that build from repetitive rhythms to overblown chaos. Year of the Phoenix features an acutely-honed balance of suspenseful reserve coupled with moments of punishing sonic release, drifting from somber, orchestral ambience into harsh noise, musique concrete, and power electronics. As the album progresses through the chapters, starting with "The Child," continuing through to "The Man," and ending with "The Phoenix," a transformation unfolds from tortured darkness to euphoric elation as the protagonist realizes his true self.


  • pro-duplicated black cassette with color labels
  • oversized black case
  • double-sided cardstock triptych insert


A1 – 04:30 – the Child
A2 – 04:30 – the Man
A3 – 08:03 – the Phoenix