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Drinking Flowers

Released August 31, 2023


From a recording that started as a meditative sound bath and transformed into a nearly hour-long ambient opus comes ZACHARY WALTER’s new solo album “Drinking Flowers” - a lush, ethereal audio journey through fields of sonic beauty, manifested into an object of literal beauty as a cassette encased in a clear globe of dried flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits, and herbs.

Like the meticulous nurturing of seed into blossom, “Drinking Flowers” presents a transcendent experience of growth and introspection through cascading waves of dense ambient and modern classical. Channeling the spirits of everyone from Brian Eno to Sigur Rós to Ólafur Arnalds, ZACHARY WALTER wears his influences on his sleeve while expertly crafting an audio narrative of his own throughout each passing movement. Omnipotent choirs drift in and out of the clouds as bells, chimes, and harp lead a dance of luring melodies to entice the senses and draw you in deeper. Ritualism and reserve are masterfully balanced with soft-spoken whispers of tape-manipulated piano passages and droning strings; an endless landscape of reverb that fades into a distance unknown. Ever hopeful, ever present, “Drinking Flowers” is a captivating composition which embraces the power of repetitious meditation to achieve a clearer existence.

ZACHARY WALTER’s career has spanned over 2 decades, and his recent work as a solo composer has seen him collaborating with productions as diverse as symphony orchestras, ballet dance companies, award-winning documentaries, and theatrical releases of both short and feature films. However, his audio history includes time spent in bands that would certainly raise some eyebrows to fans of his current work – from progressive metal to noisy punk to rockabilly to folk punk to pop punk and beyond, ZACHARY WALTER has spent a lifetime building a resume of eclectic genres, including appearances on 8(!) albums in our catalog dating all the way back to the year we formed.


  • Transparent pro-duplicated cassette hand-stamped in white ink
  • Double-sided full color insert on glossy cardstock
  • Cassette + Insert wrapped in wax paper and twine
  • Clear plastic globe stamped on bottom and filled with dried flora


A1 - 30:47 - Side One
B1 - 22:48 - Side Two