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...Of Days Gone

Released October 11, 2021

  Truus - ...Of Days Gone [CS]
  Truus - ...Of Days Gone [CDr]


Last Summer we released the debut EP from Indiana black metal trio TRUUS, and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of their new full length “…Of Days Gone.” Featuring a trio lineup of members well-versed in heavy sounds (Gnaw Bone, Sekrete, Porunga, etc), TRUUS is a tightly honed entity channeling raw black metal filled with moments of bleak anguish and forlorn triumphs.

From grinding blast beats to trudging mid-tempo passages and everything in-between, TRUUS play a form of black metal that is aggressive yet epic, raw yet fully-formed. The 8 tracks on “…Of Days Gone” feature an assortment of guest musicians and vocalists, as well as the addition of instruments like horns, piano, and synths, thickening the mournful atmosphere with overwhelming melancholy. As an extension of their heavy sounds, TRUUS’ lyrical content is equally heavy, touching on topics of immigration, oppression, racism, and standing firmly against authoritarianism in all forms. “…Of Days Gone” represents a step forward in the evolution of TRUUS, and we couldn’t be more excited for the future of this group.

Features incredible illustrations by drummer Skelley. Recorded by the band, mixed by DAS, and mastered by Carl Byers at Clandestine Arts Recording.



  • Pro-dubbed transparent red cassette with black imprinting
  • Oversized white case with full color art
  • Double-sided booklet insert
  • Resealable poly sleeve
  • Download card
  • Limited Edition of 100'


  • 5" CDr with full color disc art
  • Oversized black DVD case with full color art
  • Single-sided insert
  • Shrinkwrapped
  • Unlimited Edition


01 – 03:43 – Flame on the Northern Hill
02 – 04:36 – Court of the Resilient
03 – 03:43 – In Thrall To
04 – 03:24 – ...Of Days Gone
05 – 03:56 – Voice of the Tyrant
06 – 00:42 – Interlude
07 – 05:38 – Gold To Dust
08 – 02:18 – Epilogue