Black Goat of the Woods

Released September 23, 2010



Cassette reissue of Belfast, UK's darkly brooding BLACK MOUNTAIN TRANSMITTER. Containing atmospheres crafted of dark folklore and unearthly apparitions, Black Goat of the Woods treads truly malevolent grounds through a foray of sounds. The distant cry of the Black Goat can be heard underneath dissonant drones and ritualistic murmurs of nature's oldest spirits. An audio journey which is best experienced under a full moon in the autumnal cycle, enhanced with opiates of the earth.


Custom-mixed metallic gunmetal silkscreen ink on black/cream canvas, with inside information silkscreened in silver ink on black cardstock. Black chrome tapes with black ink printing and black wax seals. Sleeve sealed with square black brads, serial number stamped in black.


A1 - 40:00 - Black Goat of the Woods