Disciple of Nihilism

Released November 28, 2010



An experience unlike any other, the epic debut by CALEB CAUDELL presents a piece of written literature so devastatingly absent of emotion, that no human voice could deliver its message in an accurate form. An entirely analog account, doomed classical guitar produces a dirge-like pace while atmospheres of unrest drift in and out of consciousness, providing the soundtrack to inhuman spoken word detailing the musings of a nihilistic author unraveling the complexities of mankind. A consistently eerie fidelity throughout, Disciple of Nihilism feels more like an ancient and lost memoir of a soul totally devoid of humanity than a modern avant-garde composition, showing the enduring significance of the timeless message.

Notice: This release is best suited for enjoyment through headphones whilst reading along in the literature to achieve the maximum level of understanding in the concepts presented. While separate interaction with the literature and audio is not discouraged, it is the power of the combination simultaneously which provides the most in-depth comprehension of the ideas.


Brown chipboard book cover with black inkjet printing and rubber-stamped emblem in white ink. Chipboard obi-wrap with black inkjet printing and black wax seal. Literature printed with black inkjet ink onto eco-friendly recycled brown paper, connected to a white railroad board sleeve containing metallic hammerite charcoal spray-painted cassettes. Black rubber-stamping on tape shells and serial numbered with black ink.


A1 - 03:19 - Movement I
A2 - 03:05 - Movement II
A3 - 05:21 - Movement III
B1 - 05:01 - Movement IV
B2 - 05:51 - Movement V