Death Patterns

Released December 20, 2010

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Like frozen landscapes melting in slow motion, the new opus from Iw treads waters dismal and forgotten, near alien-like in their sterility. With a warm saturation and rhythmic pulses that drift in and out of consciousness, Death Patterns is comprised of four nearly 15-minute pieces that foretell ominous events with such focus and reserve that it's hard to envision anything but the End. Glacially-moving and ever-blooming, these soundscapes portray environments of arctic isolation with little hope of rescue.


Soft plastic poly shells with vintage pages of mathematical formulas glued to the outside. Hand-painted water-color ink blot images in brownscale and greyscale, and inside information printed in brown onto transparent labels. Transparent smokey cassette shells with silver screws and no liner, labelled with hand-typed titles from a vintage typewriter and stamped with the Auris bottle in white ink. Hand-numbered serial inside.


A1 - 13:03 - Shimmering in the Presence
A2 - 15:37 - Prepared Patterns in Death
B1 - 14:06 - Should We Become Too Powerful
B2 - 14:49 - A Cancer to Spare Us