Released December 21, 2010



Taking yet another step into the darkness of creative destruction, UNHOLY TRIFORCE have crafted a perfect manifestation of their bleak ideals, promoting both literal and metaphorical damnation through the perspective of an anti-cassette. Containing audio that can only be compared to an ancient form of justice, violently-churning harsh walls of high-pitched chaos provide little comfort as the sharpened point of the black nails enter flesh. A most appropriately titled release,Crucifiction guarantees no hope of holy resurrection.


Transparent prison-shell cassettes inside of clear hardshell cases, pierced through with black framing nails and burned into with an upside down cross. Information and triforces printed on transparency paper, tape numbering etched with a nail.


A1 - 00:29 - Side One
B1 - 00:29 - Side Two