Persistent Static in the Key of Sleep

Released October 31, 2011

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Auris is pleased to present the second cassette in the posthumous recreation of THE GENTLEMEN'S BUTCHER's catalog. Recorded in 2008 using only a Microkorg and a dozen effect pedals, Persistent Static in the Key of Sleep is a dense drone that moves at a glacial pace, filling the listener with an overwhelming sense of relaxation. The purpose of this piece is to enhance subconscious dreaming while under the influence of sleep, all without the use of pharmaceutical medication. With the same material recorded on both sides, Persistent Static in the Key of Sleep aims to become a nighttime ritual that drones on, and on, and on, and on....


Full color printing on "static-textured" glossy cardstock. Grey tapes with art in windows and serial number stamped on spine.


A1/B1 - 22:08 - Side One / Side Two