En wallmoburen myhr, där döön grödha mellom bitter root ok frucht

Released October 31, 2011

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Truly a "poppy-attired mire," the new cassette from Sweden-based SEMILANCEATA presents his trademark dissonance and ritualistic rhythms built around the concept of classical opium abuse. With titles in ancient Swedish that describe the downward spiral of addiction in stark detail, En Wallmoburen Myhr... is a dark tale told in dingy basement opium dens to all who dare listen. Packaged in a black cardboard case with a bag of poppy seeds, the murky desolation of chasing the dragon becomes ostensibly more visible through the haze.


Black spray-painted cardboard cases with gold printing on the front. Information printed in black laserjet printing on gold paper. Ziploc containing poppy seeds attached to case, tapes printed in gold ink. Serial hand-numbered in gold.


A1/B1 - 04:19 - Drauzma gestalt domnar
A2/B2 - 10:41 - Siwkdomen oc rusers drakar riuka
A3/B3 - 03:28 - Hjærtestilla