Recycled HNW

Released October 31, 2011



Utilizing nearly 15 separate drones of strings, organ, voice, white noise, fuzz and more and dubbed onto recycled cassettes of unknown lengths, DAS's newest audio experiment couples HNW intensity with stark minimalism in packaging. Serving as the antithesis to typical HNW, Recycled HNW combines dense layers of non-harsh elements with the over-saturated destruction of recycled cassettes to create a dynamically-moving wall of sound. With all external facets being deemed insignificant save for the consistent disintegration, extreme minimalism is met with maximal numbers in Auris Apothecary's largest and most colorful pressing yet.

"HNW is unrelenting in its scope of focused destruction which promotes the creation of subliminal tones within the confines of a constantly disintegrating entity." (from the packaging)

Notice: Recycled HNW has been dubbed onto recycled audiobooks from the local library's unwanted stock that have been played an unknown amount of times in possibly despicable environments. The fidelity is in perfect balance with the concept, and we condone any flaws which may arise from it.


11 color variations of hand-printed inserts with black laser-jet printing on back inside ziploc that has been heat-sealed. Black spray-painted labels on cassettes and Auris bottle stamp on labels in white ink.


A1/B1 - ??:?? - Recycled HNW