Pianoboard Emissions : Live at the G-G-Ghost House 01.03.12

Released October 31, 2013

  • format: 5" DVDr |
  • edition size: 50
  • duration: 00:17:30
  • accessibility:


When we first met AGAKUS in his days as vocalist for blackened duo OS, his intimidating demeanor and inhuman vocals made for a truly uneasy spectacle to witness. Since then, we have released his work as a collaborative cassette with DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI, a cassette of his more reserved work as part of the bleak duo HYMNAL BRUISE, and he has graced our Black Mass event stage with his dreary solo compositions. Therefore, it is with the utmost pleasure that we present an ominous audio/visual ritual from our archive, capturing AGAKUS in his most memorable performance to date. In the candle-lit living room of his past quarters, a massive pianoboard rested, broken and heavy enough to be rendered immobile, yet too beautiful to simply destroy. In this environment, amongst the hazy outlines of local brethren, AGAKUS gave a haunting sermon through the use of field recordings, reverb-drenched guitar, and the antique pianoboard mentioned in the title (as well as featured inside the case art). The video was recorded with the utmost minimalism to match the occasion, a warm and grainy blur of yellow and orange hues flickering with the candles at every strike of a note. 

In addition to being able to play the DVD in a typical home player, when placed in a computer the ability to access enhanced content is added. An audio-only WAV file containing the whole performance in high-quality is included, as well as a 720p HD version of the performance as an MP4 file.


Clear DVD cases with full-color double-sided inserts, housed inside a midnight black open end envelope with black laserjet printing and a die-cut circle in the front. Envelope wax-sealed shut with black wax. Silver-face DVDr with black thermal printing on the face. Serial hand-numbered in pencil. Whole package contained in heat-sealed poly sleeve.


VIDEO - 17:30 - Full performance [dvd video]
VIDEO - 17:30 - Full performance [enhanced content - MP4]
AUDIO - 17:30 - Full performance [enhanced content - WAV]