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Skeletal Forests

Released October 31, 2013

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In an increasingly industrialized era, where urbanization is a focal point for societal expansion, the natural world is threatened daily by mankind's inability to successfully cooperate without damaging effects. This destructive system is the central theme of Skeletal Forests, SHROUDED ELK's debut audio/visual demo. It is a misanthropic narrative desiring the end of humanity and the rebirth of organic growth - quite literally a call for retribution in favor of nature. Musically, Skeletal Forests is 4 tracks of high-fidelity symphonic black metal & funeral doom, with guitars recorded direct-in & drum machines played entirely by hand. 

On the VHS version, the tracks are visually accompanied by a 10 minute film which shows the SHROUDED ELK in its natural habitat, but staying true to its name, its appearance is brief. We have opted to release Skeletal Forests on VHS tapes to preserve the full sonic range of frequencies as well as allow the viewing of the film in tandem with the music. Included within the containing cardboard box is a velvet pouch, the contents of which are three mystical artcards & a coin made from a slice of genuine elk antler adorned with the sygil of an elk eye...everything that is necessary to invoke SHROUDED ELK. 

Notice: the cassette version does not include the film or the antler coin.


VHS EDITION : Cardboard tuck-top boxes painted black on one side with glossy black & white laser-printed artwork attached on the inside and outside. Black VHS tapes with white rubber-stamped art on face. Black velvet pouches with rubber-stamped art in white ink containing 3 black and white artcards printed on silk-coated cardstock with rounded corners plus stamped & lacquer-coated elk antler coin. Serial hand-numbered in black ink. Whole package contained in heat-sealed poly sleeve. Includes download code.

CASSETTE EDITION : 8-panel glossy j-card with black and white printing on front and back inside clear hardshell case. Transparent cassette shell with hand-stamped white logo printing on one side. Three black and white artcards printed on silk-coated cardstock with rounded corners, all housed inside black velvet pouch with hand-stamped white logo printing. Whole package contained in clear ziplocs. Includes download code.


A1 - 01:12 - Industrial Waste
A2 - 02:39 - Aurora Aeternus
B1 - 02:11 - Ritual Triumph
B2 - 03:38 - Reigning Moonlight