Cru|cif|ict|ion	 Photo


Released February 22, 2022

  • format: anti-CD |
  • edition size: 99
  • duration: 00:06:00
  • accessibility:
  Unholy Triforce - Cru|cif|ict|ion


Serving as Volume III to their similarly-named anti-cassette & anti-record, Unholy Triforce continues their quest to stick nails in everything with "Cru|cif|ict|ion," a punishing new anti-CD. Each copy comes pre-crucified with 9 entry wounds, evenly spaced to puncture through the plastic jewel case as well as the disc itself. Unholy Triforce inverts the ultra-short, treble-focused nature of the past releases with a longer form track totaling 6 minutes and focused on saturating bass frequencies with distortion. What begins as an ominous, lo-fi organ sermon punctuated with crackling static quickly devolves into extreme low-end churning and an increasingly intense wall of wailing, grinding noise that ebbs and flows throughout. The high-fidelity of digital compact discs makes this material particularly abrasive, a fitting next chapter in the continuing evolution of Unholy Triforce's "Crucifiction" series.


  • 5" CDr pierced with black nails
  • Screen-printed clear PVC box
  • Sealed in clear poly sleeve
  • Hand-stamped serial number


01 – 06:00 – Cru|cif|ict|ion