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Hell Is Now

Released August 19, 2022

  • format: 5" CDr |
  • edition size: 75
  • duration: 00:41:13
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  It Is Dead - Hell Is Now (Deluxe Edition)
  It Is Dead - Hell Is Now (Standard Edition)

Like a black metal album that’s been slowed down to the wrong RPM, Hell Is Now is hate-encrusted blackened doom which drifts between blasting riffs & passages which barely breach tempos faster than a dirge, totaling over 40 minutes across only 7 tracks. The vocals, a grotesque, visceral layer of painful screams & nearly inhuman wails, proclaim an anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian message that is unabashedly the driving force behind the band’s intense aesthetic.

Almost one year ago, we released the debut EP A Place of Darkness from IT IS DEAD, at the time a solo exploration of droning, atmospheric sludge. Since then, the project has transformed into a fully-fleshed out band with the addition of drummer and vocalist. Add in a tireless work ethic coupled with consistently excellent live performances, and IT IS DEAD have quickly made a name for themselves in their regional scene.

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings and mastered by Dennis Pleckham (Comatose Studio) of BONGRIPPER, the production of “Hell Is Now” is crushing yet devoid of studio tricks, embracing a true-to-life capture of the raw distorted tones and thunderous percussion of IT IS DEAD.



  • Hand-crafted wooden box - stained, charred, screen-printed, and filled with dirt
  • Pro-printed CDr inside clear/black jewel case
  • Double-sided black & white insert
  • Sealed in poly sleeve


  • Pro-printed CDr inside clear/black jewel case
  • Double-sided black & white insert
  • Shrinkwrapped
  • Unlimited Edition


01 – 05:25 – Carved In Pain
02 – 05:09 – Fields of Buried Oppression
03 – 09:17 – Violent Winter
04 – 03:17 – Interlude
05 – 03:08 – Womb
06 – 07:40 – White Serpent
07 – 07:15 – Hell is Now