Greydberg Variations	 Photo

Greydberg Variations

Released October 31, 2022

  • format: 10" anti-record - cast in resin |
  • edition size: 39
  • duration: 00:10:55
  • accessibility:


UNHOLY TRIFORCE continue their conquest of absurdity with "Greydberg Variations" - a 10" anti-record which is a physically imperfect replica of a phonograph record cast in resin.

The audio content features the full set of Bach's Goldberg Variations for harpsichord laid on top of each other and played at the same time, creating a discordant and dense wall of sound that slowly trickles down to a single melody. That audio master was lathe cut into a PVC disc in stereo, which was used to craft a silicone mold from which each copy was made one at a time - hand-measured, mixed, and poured.

Every copy will vary from the ones before and after them based on changes in temperature, chemical mixing accuracy, and other environmental factors. Playback requires the drilling of a center hole as well as a lot of luck.


  • 10" anti-record made of resin
  • Clear picture disc sleeve
  • Grey & white foldover label
  • Serial number scratched into back


A1 – 10:55 – Greydberg Variations