Released October 31, 2022

  • format: anti-cassette C15 - attached to brick |
  • edition size: 100
  • duration: 00:07:30
  • accessibility:


In an era of crushing inflation, stagnant wage growth, and an increasingly widening wealth gap between the upper class and everyone else, it's understandable for individuals to feel helpless in a fight against such a behemoth system of economic oppression. Since the dawn of time, the working class has existed in a state of perpetual hardship despite the fact that, as a single entity, they vastly outnumber those which seek to rule them. It is this concept that UNHOLY TRIFORCE have tapped into with Proletariat, a scathing sonic revolution manifested into a cassette attached to a literal brick.

What begins as a subtle but disconcerting whisper evolves into a deafening roar, as brick after brick joins the chorus of dissent to build a caustic, writhing wall. All sounds contained on Proletariat were captured & formed using only a single brick as the solitary source, showing UNHOLY TRIFORCE’s insane power to manipulate even the most innocuous of materials into a maelstrom of abrasive, violent noise. A block of creation or a weapon of destruction, we are all simply bricks in a wall.


  • Black cassette adhesived to brick
  • Transparent PVC boxes
  • Black enamel screen-printed ink
  • Serial number in black ink


A1 – 07:30 – Proletariat