Glitterbomb	 Photo


Released February 22, 2022

  • format: anti-cassette C13 |
  • edition size: 131
  • duration: 00:06:00
  • accessibility:


It's been over a decade since UNHOLY TRIFORCE released their first anti-cassette - a caustic and obscene, sand-filled document of destruction titled "Sandin' Yr Vagina.' Since then, they have released numerous objects designed to confuse, annoy, and destroy any semblance of normalcy. Their newest anti-cassette offering, "Glitterbomb," represents perhaps the pinnacle of UNHOLY TRIFORCE's absurdist philosophies and blatant disregard for consumer enjoyment.

Each sonic-weld, screw-less cassette shell has been sealed off at the openings and filled to the brim with extra fine silver glitter for the explicit purpose of ruining your environment, your cassette player, and your day. The audio content features the amplified sounds of glitter being made by industrial machines, mangled into a callously obnoxious track of piercing tones and churning gears, equally as abrasive as the millions of tiny iridescent particles which will soon be coating your hands, floor, and every other surface in direct proximity.


  • Transparent sonic-weld cassette filled with glitter
  • Screen-printed clear PVC box
  • Sealed in clear poly sleeve
  • Hand-stamped serial number


A1 – 06:00 – Glitterbomb
B1 – 06:00 – Glitterbomb