Released April 01, 2019



Auris Apothecary is proud to present the debut release of brand-new Chicago duo DISPERSER, comprised of Joel Henline (Humans, Ex Fauna) and Thomas O'Connell (Hot Nerds). Anyone familiar with their other projects' spastic and fast tendencies would be right to assume a similar vein, but the combination of DISPERSER's collective careers is perhaps most potent in this stripped down, duo format. On their self-titled EP, DISPERSER blazes through 4 tracks of angular, unrelenting math punk with precision drumming and blast beat intensity, featuring confusing, dissonant riffs of pitch-shifted distortion and explosions of machine-gun rhythms that alter time-signatures nearly every other measure. The vocals scream with subconscious musings and the tempo never seems to decrease, placing DISPERSER (and the listener) into a perpetual state of visceral ferocity.

Recorded by the band in their practice space, mixed by Dante Augustus Scarlatti, and mastered by Carl Saff.

Pressed by the good folks at New Orleans Record Press on custom slime green marbled vinyl that goes from opaque to transparent when held to the light.


  • Slime green marble / black 7" vinyl record
  • Black/white labels
  • Double-sided cardstock foldover
  • Double-sided black/white insert


A1 – 00:56 – Ritual Moods
A2 – 02:43 – Endless Cycles
B1 – 01:51 – Mute Alterations
B2 – 02:09 – Wilted Husks