...Unto the Earth

Released May 05, 2023



Consume flesh and embrace mortality with VILE INIQUITY’s debut 2-song EP, a brief but commanding introduction for the raw black death metal trio. Living up to their name, VILE INIQUITY are a repugnant blend of raw black metal and technically-eviscerating death metal, melting the best of both into a cauldron of heinous intent. Written & recorded under strict obedience to utter depravity, “…Unto the Earth” is an ephemeral vision into the mind of varying true believers, channeling the topics of cannibalism and transcendence of death with lyrical excellence and dynamic musical control. Beneath the unsacred chorales of singer/guitarist Xaphan rise foul rumblings from bassist Aruspex, condensed into thunderous focus by drummer Helheim – together forming a blasphemous assault that serves as a warning for what is to come from VILE INIQUITY.

Recorded & mixed by Tucker Thomasson at Megadungeon Recording in a single 10 hour session, “...Unto the Earth” is a potent, raw portrait of VILE INIQUITY at the initiation of their ascent.


  • Pro-duplicated red cassette with black imprinting
  • Clear/black hardshell norelco case
  • 4-panel double-sided J-Card on glossy cardstock
  • Digital download card


A1 – 04:55 – Blissful Degeneration / ...Unto the Earth
B1 – 02:37 – Cannibalistic Lust