A NES-Core Story

Released December 12, 2023


In 2006, the artist known as KID OVERDRIVE dropped an absolutely epic Mega Man cover album titled “Get Equipped with Kid Overdrive,” then disappeared for 15 years. Upon their triumphant return, they brought with them a present for Nintendo fans everywhere – 18 new tracks from classic Gameboy, NES, and SNES titles like Mega Man (of course), Castlevania, Metroid, Duck Tales, Battletoads, Kid Icarus, and more. The collection, titled “A NES-Core Story,” utilizes the same raucous punk aesthetic with saxophone leads, and once again strikes a perfect balance between accuracy to the original compositions and a fun reimagining.

We were honored to release a limited physical edition of "Get Equipped" on cassette inside NES carts a few years ago, and we're so excited to present KID OVERDRIVE's newest album in the same format. Originally released as a digital-only download by the artist in 2021, now available in physical form with a download card included.

Notice: The cassette labels have a slightly incorrect track order due to a printing mistake. The label on the back of cartridge (and listed below) is the correct order.


  • Pro-dubbed black cassettes with full color labels
  • Housed in "old school" grey or "new school" orange NES cartridge
  • Cartridge sealed in clear plastic box with sticker
  • Glossy cardstock insert
  • Download Card


A1 - 01:45 - Underworld [Kid Icarus]
A2 - 01:31 - Metal Man [Mega Man 2]
A3 - 02:06 - Surface of SR38 [Metroid II]
A4 - 01:21 - Bonus Stage I [Battletoads in Battlemaniacs]
A5 - 00:42 - Final Battle [Kabuki Quantum Fighter]
A6 - 01:13 - Bloody Tears [Castlevania II]
A7 - 02:14 - Overworld [Kid Icarus]
A8 - 01:31 - The Moon [DuckTales]
A9 - 02:00 - Shadow Man [Mega Man 3]
A10 - 02:21 - Unbreakable Determination [Ninja Gaiden] (Parts I & II)
B1 - 04:20 - Norfair Ancient Ruins [Super Metroid]
B2 - 00:51 - Skyworld [Kid Icarus]
B3 - 02:00 - Cammy [Super Street Fighter II]
B4 - 01:17 - Pharaoh Man [Mega Man 4]
B5 - 01:37 - Prophecy [Secret of Mana]
B6 - 03:32 - Meridian Dance [Secret of Mana]
B7 - 02:03 - Credits [Super Mario Bros. 2]
B8 - 00:33 - Mad Reaper - I’m Finished! [Kid Icrarus]